re:new Microblading Studio


We specialise in Permanent Eyebrows including Microblading and Ombre Brows as well as Brow tattoo removal.


Our permanent makeup artist is trained with world renowned training provider DELUXE BROWS.


We are experts in creating your perfect bespoke brow, with a colour and shape that suits your own individual needs and style. Don’t worry if you are unsure of your requirements – we are happy to advise you on styles, ranging from a defined powder brow to a super-soft, natural stroke result. This treatment is fabulous if you have thin, over-plucked, patchy brows, or no brow hair at all, as we can even rebuild a brow from scratch.

  • MICROBLADING (Hair strokes) – Mimic your natural hair growth pattern by drawing in hair strokes using a pen-like hand tool.
    Includes your 6 week top up and Organic aftercare kit
  • £299
  • OMBRE (Powder brow) – This is a great option for clients with thin or oily skin as hair strokes may not be the best option. These brows are darker at the tail, lightening at the nose to give a natural effect
    Includes your 6 week top up and Organic aftercare kit
  • £299
  • COMBINATION BROW (Hair strokes and shading) – A combination of hair strokes and gentle shading to fill in gaps and add more definition. Can be super soft or more shading can be added to intensify the look.
    Includes your 6 week top up Organic aftercare kit
  • £319
  • BROW/SMALL BODY TATTOO REMOVAL – One of the safest and highly effective modern methods of removing permanent makeup and microblading pigments from the skin without a laser. The treatment is comfortable, quick, with no damage to hair roots.
    Between one and six treatments may be required
    Includes a homecare balm
    Brow/Small Body Tattoo
  • £75 Follow up £50


Award winning salon, bespoke treatments delivered by highly trained therapist and clinical experts at re:new MediSpa. Voted Treatwell’s top-rated salon. Call 01695 572719 or email for more information.


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